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About Us


About Us

DreamZone is a creative

DreamZone is a creative skill development initiative of CADD Centre Training Services Private Limited, a diversified global network of creative, engineering and management skill development institutes. Founded in 2005, DreamZone currently has 75 centres across India.
Placing importance to the teaching methodology of “experiential learning”, DreamZone runs School of Interior Design, School of Animation, and School of Fashion Design that collectively offer about 50 courses - from PG Diploma to Master Diploma to certificate courses - that suit student’s unique time and skill needs. DreamZone is an education member of Institute of Indian Interior Designers, icograda, ASIFA-HOLLYWOOD and CMAI.

Why DreamZone?

Experience is the single word answer. Promoted by CADD Centre, which has over 26 years of experience in creating building professionals, DreamZone aims to provide our students the opportunity to learn design by experience.
From the day one, students learn to do what they are taught – there is absolutely no better way than 'experiential learning'. Offering the most comprehensive, and effective one-year diploma programme for students in interior designing, fashion design, and animation & graphics in India, we always ask: "When products and services are designed around experience, why not education?"

DreamZone Course Content
Course Content for Experience

We cater to the students who have pre-university level educational qualification, who have done courses in arts, who wish to migrate to the field of design, and who want to launch creative careers.
This means, our courses have to let them approach design concepts in a totally different way, and many times, introduce new concepts that are not taught in formal diploma or degree programs. For instance, our course in Interior Designing, teaches 'shapes' and 'forms', and sessions to demystify industrial terminologies, something colleges or other private institutes do not do.

Teaching for Experience

Whether it is interior design, fashion design or animation, our courses are designed to favour practical workshops over theoretical classes wherever possible.
We believe that only the science behind designing – say, drafting – can be taught and learnt in a traditional way, but not design itself. Design can be better learnt by practice, observation, and any other hands-on methods.

Dreamzone Teaching for Experience
Dreamzone Events for Experience
Events for Experience

We take our students to industrial visits, site visits, material surveys, and engage our students in lots of projects.
For instance, when it comes to interior design, students of our one year Master Diploma program do four projects – one to design a residential building; another for commercial building; one for drawing; and another for colour selection. This apart, students develop, use cases/case studies, conduct seminars, and interact with experts, while on the project.

Mentoring for Experience

There are certain things that cannot be structured into course curriculum.
In very informal ways, our faculty members mentor our students on how to listen to the customers, how to present their designs, how to benefit from other's suggestions, and how to objectively sort and deal with constructive and negative criticisms to designs, when they are on the job. This is to ensure that our students continue to have good experience with their career, even after they leave us.

Dreamzone Mentoring for Experience

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